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Lucia began her journey in 2008 where she experimented with different flavors from her native country, Ecuador. She began by signing up to have a food stand at Pittsfield's Third-Thursday Festival and also becoming a food vendor at the annual Latino Festival in Lee, MA. She began to realize that she had something good going for her, and there were always many people waiting in line for her food.
In 2010 Lucia then opened her very first restaurant on Onota Street in Pittsfield,MA. Her very small one-room building was not much for the eyes but it was what came out of her restaurant that caught many peoples attention.
In 2016 Lucia Opened her second restaurant on Wendell Ave. Ext. also in Pittsfield where she closed her restaurant on Onota street. This restaurant was a bit different from what she was use to. It was an underground space that was much more spacious than what she previously had.
In 2019 Lucia found an amazing opportunity to move her business to her current location in Lee, MA and close her other location on Wendell Ave. Ext. This location is a beautiful historic location with lots of character which completely compliments the type of food that she creates.

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